Postharvest technology course, Shanghai


2nd edition postharvest technology course, Shanghai

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16 juni 2016

The second edition of the postharvest technology training course (Shanghai) took place from 3-5 June 2016. The 28 participants learned a lot during the three days, by attending presentations, participating in case studies and conducting experiments. They were informed on post-harvest technologies for storage, packaging and processing of fresh horticultural products. In this article course leaders and participants share their experiences.

Course Leaders

This edition of the course was led by Dr. U (Uulke) van Meeteren (Plant Sciences Wageningen University) and Ir. E. (Eelke) Westra (Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research). For last mentioned is was the first time as course leader for this course in China. According to ir. E (Eelke) Westra "Being involved in programs at Wageningen Academy gives me the opportunity to interact with participants and other experts , this gives me direct insight into the challenges of today and the solutions we can provide. Each course will help us to develop the strategy for tomorrow to enjoy our fresh food." Both ir . E (Eelke) Westra and Dr. U (Uulke) of Meeteren are involved in multiple programs organized by Wageningen Academy.

Participant experiences

Course participants were asked to share their experiences after they finished the program. One of the participants quoted the following:  “Although I have professional backgrounds, the knowledge and skills I learn from the lecturers can’t be obtained from books, as these are drawn upon their years of solid experience in the field. As such, we are learning on the shoulders of giants. I highly value this opportunity.” Other participants indicated as well that they made a great progress in their understanding of post-harvest technologies: “Before the program, I had done some experiments on postharvest. However, without professional background, about the results of these experiments, I only knew what is right and what is wrong. This program allows me to understand not only “how”, but also “why”.”  Or, “This three-day learning combs through my existing knowledge in the field. I am now anxious to go back to work and apply the principle of “temperature, temperature and temperature” into practice.” In short, it is pretty clear that the combination of learning and doing is greatly valued by the participants. As this participant describes it: “… I am very much impressed by the practical assignment session of the program. The design is simple but the result is obvious. It helps deepen participants’ understanding of postharvest knowledge and skills.”

Next year another postharvest technology course is planned to take place in Shanghai, around the same period. Wageningen Academy also organizes a postharvest technology course (English) in the Netherlands this year, with a 4 day programme: