30,000th Open Access Publication

Published on
January 31, 2012

On 21 December, the Forum Library had an exceptionally festive moment. Wageningen University’s 30,000th Open Access (OA) publication, the Alterra report ‘Kalibratie Modelsysteem Monitoring Stroomgebieden’ was harvested by Narcis. Librarian Ger Spikman and repository manager Koos Nijssen surprised three of the report’s six authors, Christian Siderius, Jan Roelsma and Martin Mulder, with a tart to commemorate this happy occasion.
Narcis is the umbrella repository that stores all OA publications from Dutch universities and research institutes. Wageningen is now by far the largest supplier of OA publications in Narcis. Each month the publications attract 100,000 visitors and 250,000 downloads from Wageningen Yield.

(Newsletter 1-2012)