3D plant model now also considers spectral light

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19 februari 2014

Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture uses 3D plant models to predict light interception, photosynthesis and growth of plants. The models, also named functional structural plant models (FSPM), require data on plant architecture and photosynthetic properties. With these models all kinds of combinations of plant structure, row distance, assimilation light and sunlight can be simulated.

GroIMP is the modelling platform used for the plant models, and is extended with a multispectral ray tracer type of light model. Previously, the platform was able to simulate the three colours red, green and blue (RGB). In the new version all wavelengths can be simulated in detail. This is of importance to calculate the effect of red/far-red shifts during the day, or blue/reed ratios from LED light, on plant growth. The model extension has been realised by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture and Wageningen UR Biometris in cooperation with German and French plant modellers.

The multispectral light model will be used in the trials with LED light in tomato in Bleiswijk, in order to estimate the most optimal position of LED light, their colour and intensity. With help of the model we hope to find the most energy efficient and economically profitable lighting strategy.

Photo 1: The spectrum can be modelled; Photo 2: Simulation of LEDs in a tomato crop