Poster presentation Award for Esther Bergstra at IDRC Davos conference

Published on
September 8, 2014

Esther Bergstra from the chair group landscape architecture was awarded the best poster presentation at the IDRC (International Disaster and Risk Conference) in Davos.

She presented the joint paper ‘Cyclone Resilient Landscape’, a spin-off from her landscape architecture master thesis. The thesis was carried out together with the NGO CARE Madagascar under the supervision of Ingrid Duchhart (Chairgroup Landscape architecture) supported amongst others by Philippe Ker Rault (Alterra - Climate change and adaptive land and water management). The typical Wageningen participative landscape (design) approach provided a valuable contribution to the debate integrative risk management to achieve greater resilience in the disaster risk management.

This award is the third award Esther Bergstra (together with Roxanne Hornmann) won with their master thesis. In 2013, the were runners-up for their poster presentation in the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference in Bernburg, Germany. Then they were praised for the simple but innovative use of modern digital media. Their full thesis won the Africa Thesis Award 2013 of the Africa Studies Centre (Leiden). Here too the integrative character of the landscape approach caught the eye of the juy as well as their abilities for visualising even the most complex issues. 

download conference paper  by E. Bergstra, I. Duchhart, P.A. Ker Rault, R.R. Hornman

website IDRC Davos 2014 Conference - Award page

Poster made by Esther Bergstra and Roxanne Hornman.
Poster made by Esther Bergstra and Roxanne Hornman.