40th anniversary of NWDG

Published on
December 6, 2017

The 40th anniversary of the Netherlands Working Group on Drying (NWDG) was celebrated at the annual symposium with 80 participants on November 28TH 2017 in Wageningen. Former chairman Jan Coumans (l) and the current chairman Maarten Schutyser (r) cut a NWGD cake specially made for this festive occasion

NWDG looked back on the activities of the NWGD during the past years. An overview of the NWGD agenda of 2018 was also given. One of the current projects is 'Grip op Drogers', focused on knowledge sharing and technology development, with cases on better control of dryers, and the development of (digital) training materials. During the symposium presentations were given on this year’s theme 'Drying; from theory to practice '.

The approximately 80 drying specialists were informed about the following subjects.

  • Drying of whey permeate; Hans van Pijkeren (Relco)
  • Principles of the lab scale drying process; Marco Kleine (Büchi Labortechnik)
  • Improving steam processes; Kris Laurijssen (Steamlock)
  • Heat pumps in drying operations; Bruno Vanslamsbrouck (Ghent University)
  • Solid(s) characterization; Johan Groen (Delft Solids Solutions)
  • Drying models in an industrial setting; Erik Esveld en Peter Quaak (Wageningen Food & Biobased Research en EnerQ)
  • Forward osmosis as an effective dewatering technology; Allyshah Maduro (Blue-Tec)
  • Preventative inspection to control product safety in dryers; Marcel Wilmink (Bactoforce)
  • Electrification in the process industry – opportunities for drying; Jan Grift (Energy Matters)

The event ended with a networking drink

For more information about NWDG contact Maarten Schutyser or go to the website: