A DAI for every researcher

Published on
March 24, 2009

The Digital Author Identifier (DAI) is a unique number that is assigned to every author in the Netherlands who is affiliated with a university or research institute. With this number, it's possible to link one author's publications from different institutions. The DAI is comparable to other identifiers such as ResearcherId (Thomson Reuters) and ScopusId (Elsevier). DAI is, however, the only non-commercial ID for Dutch researchers.

Recently more than 4,500 DAIs have been read into METIS. Our goal is to provide every Wageningen UR researcher with a DAI. In this way, every researcher's publications, including those under the purview of another institution than Wageningen UR, are identified as publications of the author in question. DAI still does not currently have many applications. In NARCIS, publications from different universities and institutions can be combined with DAI. Here only Wageningen UR's 'full text' records can be seen. Before the end of the year, all 'Metadata only' (bibliographic information) should also be visible.

(newsletter 7-2009)