A cheesy start of the new year for ELS staff

Published on
January 15, 2021

ELS staff started the new year off with an online new years drink including a cheese tasting event.

As the Covid-19 regulations force us to work from home, there is little ‘real-life’ social communication between staff members. Because of this, ELS tries to connect colleagues in an alternative way regularly. In the past few months, online lunch meetings, online pub quizzes and walks in small groups were organized. To continue the online social events and to start off the new year, ELS organized an online cheese tasting for its staff. Cheese expert Yvette Baggen (ELS), together with the ELS support team, organized the cheese tasting event. Yvette is a true cheese-lover and in the past followed several courses and exams on cheese. Together with her local cheese shop, she composed a cheese package with four different cheeses:

4 cheeses

The cheese packages were sent to the homes of ELS staff two days before the cheese tasing event. Staff also received wine, tea and beer suggestions beforehand. 30 staff members attended the event from home and due to the lockdown, family members and housemates were also invited to join.

During the event, Yvette explained how to taste cheese by looking at it, smelling it and of course, the real deal: the actual tasting. With the help of a flavour wheel she encouraged staff to explain what the cheeses taste like. Next to the tasting of cheese, staff also shared funny cheese memories. The event turned out to be a great success!