A week long celebrations about culture differences

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30 maart 2018

Visit the fashion show “A Beautiful Diversity”, listen to folk tales, taste some Chilean wine, dance to African rhythms, eat with young refugees, enjoy the Crazy Cultural Comedy Cabaret, or improve your Spanish. During One World Week, the diversity of cultures among WUR students and staff is the main focus.

Students and staff members from more than one hundred different countries study, live, and work at Wageningen University. A true “melting pot” of cultures. Once a year, WUR celebrates that diversity as well as the international scope of Wageningen education and research with its One World Week. This year, that will take place between 5 and 11 April. According to Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol, it is an important week for the Wageningen community: "WUR staff and students want to excel in science and to act as global citizens. We don’t want to understand only scientific issues, but also our social and cultural environment. This is a way of thinking that enables our students, staff members, and alumni to work together in an international context in mutual respect and understanding."


The international identity and the cultural diversity of WUR will be festively celebrated with cultural and sports activities, such as workshops, lectures, food, fashion, and music. Students and staff members will share cultural traditions or festivities from their country. International student associations will introduce you to their culture during a day in the life of a Chinese student, the Indonesian Cultural day, Discover Africa, Nepalese Food and Culture, and the Festival of Colours of India. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in other cultures to communicate, to connect, to have fun, and in doing so, to effortlessly learn from each other about how to become a sophisticated world citizen.


Two special exhibitions can be visited throughout the whole week. In the Spot in Orion, the photo exhibition "Gender Free Zone” shows portraits of men and women and the whole spectrum in between. And in Forum, seven different interactive houses will be decorated, so that visitors can find out where they feel most at home.

View the website for a complete programme of One World Week