AID 2017 Without limits

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14 augustus 2017

From Friday 18 to Wednesday 23 August, Wageningen Campus will once again welcome new students from Wageningen University & Research and Aeres University of Applied Sciences. During the Annual Introduction Days (AID), students will have the opportunity to get used to their new surroundings, get to know other students and learn about student life at Wageningen, the city itself and lots more.

As newcomers to student life, they'll soon discover the endless possibilities offered by Wageningen.

Aside from the study-related areas of the programme, students can enjoy many other activities such as a music festival, a comedy night, a sports’ day, an open-air cinema and a cultural festival.

Each year, the managers of the AID do their best to make sure the event is as sustainable as possible.
Not all prospective students are aware of the role sustainability plays during the event, so this year's edition will put on an even bigger awareness-raising campaign to show first-years how they can live more sustainably right from the start of their academic career.

For instance, the daily video report will focus on variety of ‘green’ aspects of the AID, such as this year's decision to put fewer sandwiches in the lunch boxes and donate leftovers to the local food bank.
This also includes efforts to separate waste and reuse cups, as well as the launch of ‘Meatless Tuesday’ – a day on which all meals served are vegetarian.

Over 2,300 prospective first-year students have registered for the AID so far, and the managers expect a 2 to 3% growth in the number of Bachelor's students attending

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