Aarti Gupta and Judith van Leeuwen in Australia to discuss transparency

Published on
December 22, 2015
Aarti Gupta and Judith van Leeuwen are in Canberra and Sydney this week to discuss Accountability in Global Environmental Governance. First they attended the Earth System Governance conference and they are currently present at the Accountability in Global Environmental Governance Workshop (a Taskforce under the Earth System Governance Project).

Aarti Gupta, together with Harro van Asselt, presents on the potential of the new transparency framework of the new Paris Agreement to hold states accountable. The hope is that it helps meet targets, ratchet up ambitions and possible also help assess fairness of efforts taken to mitigate climate change. To what extent will the transparency framework indeed deliver these promises and reduce the conflicts around these issues?

Judith van Leeuwen presents a literature review on the way in which the private authority displayed in global environmental governance by corporate actors is conceptualized and how this relates to the accountability of these actors.