About asparagus in oil and polders: exhibitions

Published on
January 12, 2005

Asparagus in oils
'Special Collections' of Wageningen UR Library is regularly requested to contribute to exhibitions, by the Limburgs museum for example for the exhibition 'Asparagus in oils - a royal vegetable in the seventeenth century'. Thirty paintings from important private and public collections will be exhibited. The exhibition will be completed with a selection of twenty-five unique books from the Wageningen UR Library. In the catalogue, Dr. Willem Brandenburg (PRI) contemplates the botanical history of the cultivation of asparagus and the curator Liesbeth Missel (Library) makes a contribution about asparagus in old books.
The exhibition 'Asparagus in oils' is open until 17 July 2005 in the Limburgs museum in Venlo.

Using fifteen important polders as a basis, the exhibition 'Polders - A theatre of land and water' set up by the Dutch Institute of Architecture in Rotterdam shows the development and individuality of the Polder landscape of the Netherlands. 'Special Collections' assisted in the cartographic-historical research and delivers materials on loan to the exhibition. The exhibition is open from 27 May to 4 September 2005 inclusive.

    (newsletter 6-2005)