Activiteiten 100-jarige Wageningen University & Research rond Wisdom & Wonder


Activities for 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research related to Wisdom & Wonder

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6 maart 2018

On 9 March 2018, Wageningen University & Research will ring in its 100th anniversary. The focus of the WUR100 celebration is Wageningen Wisdom & Wonder. The anniversary programme will start on Thursday 8 March with events such as a CRISPR-Cas symposium and spectacular laser light show on campus in the evening. During the first week of the anniversary year, many interesting researchers will give speeches in Wageningen at a variety of events.

The anniversary activities will continue up until mid-November. In the first week of the anniversary year, several interesting and renowned researchers will take the podium. Below is an overview of those activities.

8 March - afternoon - Aula. CRISPR-Cas symposium: from evolution to revolution

CRISPR-Cas is a 21st-century laboratory technique for repairing DNA in order to treat illnesses or make crops resistant to disease. It is precise, fast, and inexpensive, but how far do we want to take this?

8 March - evening - Campus Opening Event

Opening event for 100 years WUR with laser light show.

9 March - afternoon - Orion: Celebration of the 100th Dies natalis. Unravelling Life: Wisdom & Wonder

10 March - Impulse: Creative Innovation

Art meets science. Ten budding artists will collaborate with twenty scientists on campus for two months.

12-14 March - Wisdom and Wonder Pavilion: Science week - What is Life?

Renowned scientists from the Netherlands and abroad will give lectures and pique our curiosity about life. How did the first living organisms come about? Can we create new life forms? What can we learn from flying birds, insects making sharp turns, and spinning spiders? Can we change the genetic basis of life? And is that right?

12 March: What is life?

13 March - Recreating Life & Bio-inspired design symposium

Designers and engineers use nature as a source of inspiration or as the basis for mimicry, such as the flight of a bird or a frog clinging to the trunk of a tree.

14 March: Changing and creating life: Ethical issues

Editing the genome symposium. The scientific and ethical challenges as well as the opportunities associated with modifying the genomes of plants, animals, people, or wild populations. Should we fight illnesses such as malaria or Zika by genetically modifying the mosquitoes that transmit them?