All NJAS articles online

Published on
April 8, 2020

The archive of NJAS, Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences has been digitised by the Library. Issues from 1953 until 2008 are available to everyone in the Open Journal System. NJAS has been published by Elsevier since 2009.

NJAS 1953-2008

The NJAS, Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences from 1993 to 2008 was already online through the Open Journal System (OJS). The years 1953 until 1992 have been recently digitised.

In the NJAS archive 1392 articles are indexed from 163 digitised journal issues. All articles are open to the public. When you search in the NJAS archive, you will get results from the full text of the articles.

About NJAS

The NJAS, Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, is the quarterly journal of the Royal Netherlands Society for Agricultural Sciences. It offers research results with an emphasis on interaction between natural and social sciences and system approaches in:
• Plant Sciences
• Plant Genetics and Biotechnology
• Animal Sciences
• Environmental Sciences
• Social Sciences
• Food Sciences and Nutrition
• Agrotechnology
• Farming systems

Since 2009 NJAS has been published by Elsevier.

Open Journal System

The journal is available at Open Journal System (OJS). Both the content and the application of OJS are maintained by WUR Library.

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