All Wageningen dissertations now digital

Published on
July 3, 2012

In the last few months, the Library has digitized its entire collection of Wageningen dissertations in its repository.On Monday, 18 June, Tijs Breukink, a member of Wageningen UR's Executive Board, scanned the last covers and, in doing so, completed this project.

A few dissertations, however, have not been digitized because they've also been commercially published, like the largest Wageningen dissertation by T. Spek: Het Drentse esdorpenlandschap: een historisch-geografische studie (2004). The entire collection encompasses 930,000 pages.

Since 2000 PhD candidates must submit both a paper and an electronic version of their dissertation to the Library. Since this rule was instituted, about 1,300 pieces have been added to the much used dissertation collection.The leader of the dissertation downloads is Microalgal photobioreactors: Scale-up and optimisation, which is good for a few hundred downloads per month. Most dissertations are downloaded a few dozen times a month.

The digitisation of the dissertation collection is part of the Library’s project to bring together the complete output of Wageningen UR and its predecessors in the Wageningen Bibliography.The Library is hoping to finish this project by 2018. In 1968, an inventory of all Wageningen dissertations was drawn up for the Agricultural College’s 50th anniversary. This inventory laid the foundation for Wageningen Dissertation Abstracts. Now we’re striving to bring together all Wageningen publications in one database and to offer the pearls of this collection digitally.

(newsletter 4-2012)