Allergens – great interest for study afternoon

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2 januari 2014

This afternoon, 10 December 2013, was dedicated to allergens. More than a refresher course, with a lot of actual information from different perspectives too.

Focussing on food allergies, but also revealing insight in the origin of asthma, COPD and respiratory allergies. And the hygiene hypothesis and the role of the immune system.

An overview of regulations, policy and enforcement strategy. With attention for the impact of the upcoming changes per 13 December 2014; of special interest because it is still unclear how these changes will affect the smaller companies in The Netherlands.

Current information for consumers needs to be improved. Currently, only 6.5% of the products that come with a warning on the label, actually contain the allergen. On the other hand, 10% of the products without a warning label do contain an allergen. Possibilities of determination of a ‘reference dose’ by using VITAL 2.0 were reviewed.

The demand for gluten free products is increasing. Not just because a coeliac increase but also because consumers positively associate gluten free with a healthy lifestyle.

Improved allergen management in manufacturing can be achieved through a better insight in cross-contamination, processing effects and cleaning procedures. 

To conclude the participants followed the real-life round of a sample for inspection through RIKILT’s laboratories and finally they recaptured the afternoon over hypo allergenic drinks and bites.

The speakers of 10 December 2013 were: Prof.dr. Harry Wichers, Huub Savelkoul, Ir. Inge Stoelhorst, Ir. Marjan van Ravenhorst, Dr. Ingrid van der Meer, Ir. Shanna Bastiaan-Net, Dr. Monique Bremer