An exciting new year at the Library

Published on
January 9, 2017

On behalf of all Library Staff we wish everyone at Wageningen University & Research a happy and healthy 2017. For this new year we have a lot of exciting plans to further develop and innovate the Library's Services.

Research Data Management

In the fall of 2016 we closely worked with the RDM working group of the Dean of Science and the future Data Competence Centre to prepare an advice on data storage and data archiving principles. This advice was passed by the Corporate Council in the last week of December. In 2017, we will announce what this advice means for the Wageningen community as well as start with support services. Further, our Research Data Management (RDM) support services will increase the number of archived and registered datasets. We’ll also improve infrastructure for data depositing and support researchers in effectively using the infrastructure. For example by a revised training on Research Data Management Planning.

Education support

In 2017, the Library will continue to develop the Library for Learning. The Library for learning is a user-friendly tool to find and share educational materials. This development is linked to a project that we are developing on infrastructure and training in the legal use of copyrighted materials in the electronic learning environment.

More workspaces and new design Forum Library

We’re going to redesign the Forum Library’s front office and public space to create more quiet work areas for students and researchers. With these plans we’re not only responding to the growth in student numbers but also taking advantage of the library’s “new” space. In the last 10 years we’ve enormously increased our electronic collection. This has allowed us to move the print collection to the stacks and to free up space in the Library. The workspaces will be built during the holidays to minimize inconvenience.

Open Access

The Library will also take further steps to improve Open Access in line with the policy of the Dutch government and European Union. This means that we will keep negotiating content licenses that offer WUR researchers the opportunity to publish in Open Access at no additional costs. We are also developing an information campaign on how researchers can effectively use these opportunities, e.g.:

  • using the Journal Browser to find information on the impact and quality of Open Access journals before submitting papers
  • and on depositing author versions in Green Open Access via Pure.

Online library experience

Behind the scenes we are also rebuilding and improving our Library systems and Discovery tools to keep up with global developments and offer you a seamless online library experience.

We hope we can help you “Accelerate your Research”.

Hubert Krekels
Library Director