An inside view of the library

Published on
May 23, 2006

The Library's Helpdesk is often called the first portal for information and problem solving. "But often we are the last portal as well" says Dicky Bullinga. "People who are a little bit more enterprising do not directly contact us, but will first do a search themselves. If they cannot find what they are searching for they eventually end up with us." Together with Marens van Dalen, Marjan Leerink and Ina Otter Dicky is part of the Helpdesk team. Simply put, you can send your question to the Helpdesk. If they do not know the answer themselves the question is passed on to the Library's Information desk.  A system is used where questions and answers are registered, so that answers can be found rapidly. "We like to get lots of questions. If they are not asked, people are stuck with them." Besides this, the Helpdesk does the administration of the various courses and sends out SDI/alerts.

Also within the Library the Helpdesk is a contact point. When there are PC-problems, errors in the systems, and such, the Library staff know where to find the Helpdesk. Then a call is made to the ICT-Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is certainly no complaints desk and things don't get really out of hand. "It is a very nice job" says Dicky "but not everyone is made for it. You should be flexible and immune to stress. And definitely not a grumbler".

With the removal to the Forum, the Helpdesk will integrate with the new Libary Information Desk. In the future, lending activities will be included in the jobs package of the present Library staff as well. This is not something they look forward to, as they feel quite content in their present function.

(Newsletter 3-2006)