Aquaculture student Taofik Adeiza Momoh in "Fotoblog Humans of WUR"

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23 juli 2020

Taofik Adeiza Momoh, Master Student Aquaculture & Marine Resource Management: "I see aquaculture and agriculture as more than only a means of subsistence, they have the potential to develop wealth!

"When I finished my bachelor in Fisheries in Nigeria I wanted to study some more. That’s why I applied for the master Aquaculture & Marine Resource Management in Wageningen. The first time I applied, I was not accepted for a scholarship. However, the second time I applied I got a scholarship from the Anne van den Ban Fund. A miracle!”

“I really like Wageningen, everything is so serene and peaceful, very different from the chaos of Lagos, my hometown and the biggest city in Nigeria. What I love the most about studying in the Netherlands is that while Wageningen offers a quiet atmosphere to focus on your study, the compact nature of the Netherlands makes it easy to go fun-hunting in bigger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam in relatively no time.

“When I came to Wageningen I didn’t know anyone, luckily I was welcomed by the United Community of African Students (UCAS). They really were my guiding lights in the first few weeks in Wageningen. The buddy system they have is very useful and they helped me socially and academically. Next to that, it’s also a lot of fun! This year I wanted to give something back to this organisation, so right now I’m the secretary of the board of UCAS.”

“There is a popular banter in my country about how parents only recognize 3 careers for their children: medical doctor, lawyer or “born by mistake”. This is often a humorous portrayal of a societal perspective that undermines other fields of work than medicine and law. This limits a country’s ability to use its full potential. Currently, a lot of people work in this sector, but it’s only a very small part of the GDP. It is my ambition to show that a career in aquaculture and agriculture is just as noble – perhaps more! After my studies, I’m very excited to share my knowledge and experiences and inspire people back home!”

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