Are you ready to be an Executive MBA Food & Agribusiness participant?

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14 juni 2018

Not sure if you are ready or qualified to follow the EMBA in Food & Agribusiness? Is the EMBA in Food & Agribusiness the right fit for you?

Student profile

-      You have passion for the Food & Agribusiness and you would like to accelerate your career and add significant value to your employability.

-      You are a Food & Agribusiness professional who wants to understand complex issues within your organization. You want to grow from a specialist into a more general management role.  

-      You feel the need of working on your personal competencies alongside realizing your professional ambitions.

-      Above all you are ready to truly invest in enhancing your career and perspective on the global Food & Agribusiness sector.

-      Last but not least, your current position already requires you to do have an overview of the organization and on the impact that decisions can have on the organization.

If any of the above is in line with your ambitions, read more on our Executive MBA Food & Agribusiness programme and discover what you could learn from joining the active learning environment.

The EMBA in Food & Agribusiness focusses on early high career potentials (6-8years of business experience) with the ambition to be the 'future leaders in Food & Agribusiness'. You are working in a role which requires you to have an overview of your organization and the impact of specific decisions on your organization.

If you`d like to discuss your goals and objectives personally please contact us.

Agnes Kiss, Programme Adviser,
Miel Hooijdonk,
Programme Manager