Arjen Wals co-editor of a Special Issue in EER on Environmental Education in the BeNeLux countries

Published on
November 26, 2018

The journal Environmental Education Research recently published its third regional special issue covering trends and research in environmental and sustainability education in the BeNeLux countries.

Together with Katrien van Poeck (UofGhent, Belgium) and Ariane Koenig (UofLuxembourg, Luxembourg), ELS'er Arjen Wals was a co-editor. Earlier regional special issues focussed on the Nordic countries (Scandinavia) and on Germany. Here you find a link to the introductory paper they wrote: BeNeLux Special Issue and here is a link to the Special Issue itself: Routledge Link to SI.

During the months of November and December (partly) all articles can be download free of charge on the EER website.