Rector Wageningen UR Arthur Mol about Open Access

Published on
November 24, 2015

Open Access aims to make publicly financed research freely available to the public online. Open access publications reach a larger audience and have academic, social and economic benefits. In the long run, the current subscription-based system will become too expensive to remain affordable.

The Dutch universities are taking steps with publishers to promote Open Access. They have decided to renew current subscription agreements (big-deal negotiations) only if publishers take steps towards Open Access. The universities argue that they should no longer be forced to pay double fees to both read and publish articles ('double-dipping'). Double-dipping constitutes a major threat to university budgets because it takes away money from research.
The Dutch government, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and Wageningen UR are therefore explicitly opting for the Golden Road to Open Access. This corresponds to the Netherland’s position as outlined by State Secretary Sander Dekker in a letter to the Dutch House of Representatives in November 2013. He wants 60 % of Dutch academic publications available through Open Access by 2019 and 100 % by 2024. Open Access is also one of the central science topics on the EU agenda during the Netherland’s EU presidency in 2016.