Atelier book 2014 released

Published on
July 10, 2014

'Green-blue infrastructure for a resilient and healthy city' offers a perspective on sensible use and optimisation of the green-blue structures in the City of Utrecht. It has the ambition to develop the city into a healthier and more resilient structure. You will find in this book an account of the atelier and experiments that have been conducted at Wageningen University (WUR ), which have been initiated by me in 2013-2014 as advisor on spatial quality for the province of Utrecht.

Foreword by Ingeborg Thoral Advisor for Spatial Quality to the Province of Utrecht.

My aim in effectuating this project was to research the opportunities and values of green-blue structures and then to bring these to the fore in my activities for the province of Utrecht. This student-atelier offers us a large body of research and visual material, that is not just of interests for those involved in this temporary cooperation, but also for others involved in the maintenance and development of spatial quality in this region.

The city of Utrecht also cooperated in this planning and design-oriented research, which has increased the sense of reality, without limiting the creative freedom of the students. I offer you with pleasure the results of the atelier, that offer diverse planning instruments for the creation of a climate proof and resilient urban environment. I hope it helps to create awareness for the value of green-blue interventions in our lifeworld.

This publication is topical and relevant as these greenblue structures offer a great potential for exchanges between city and surrounding countryside, for plants, animals and for the city-dwellers. In the densely built-up area of the province of Utrecht it is indispensable to forge a coherent network of greenblue connections and to connect local initiatives with ambitions on an urban and regional level.

In doing so we will build cities that are liveable and sustainable, that will be attractive to the next generation as well.

Download the book here. (pdf 165mb)