Author profiles in Scopus

Published on
August 21, 2007

Scopus is an extremely large bibliographic database in which articles a.o. are indexed from 15,000 peer-reviewed journals. In Scopus, authors are differentiated not only by name and initials but also by the journal in which they publish and by the name of the organisation under which they publish. You can see this in Scopus's Author Search in which you can currently search under author name and soon under organisation name as well.  

If you search for your name, you will often come across several variations. As such, your publications in Scopus are spread across "several authors", as it were, which means that they not all can be found at once. Moreover, this also adversely affects your citation score in Scopus.

When Scopus has several variations of your name, you can request Scopus to put these variations under one profile as follows:

  • go to Scopus
  • choose Author Search
  • fill in your name and initials
  • click the boxes in the result list with the variations of your name.
  • click Feedback
  • choose in Subject: Group these author names

NB! To be able to make this request, you must first log in to Scopus (top right of the page).

(Newsletter 2007-5)