Award for best Wetsus Ph.D. student Jan Willem van Egmond

Published on
November 19, 2016
During the Wetsus Congress of last October PhD researcher Jan Willem van Egmond received the Marcel Mulder Award 2016.This annual prize of € 5000,00 is awarded to the ‘best Wetsus scientist’ of that year. Van Egmond is part of the Wetsus Blue Energy team. Blue energy research focuses on generating energy by mixing fresh and salt water. Van Egmond applies this principle in his studies to design a water battery, where energy is stored in salt water. This resulted in two patents and several scientific papers. According to the jury Van Egmond serves as a role model due to his dedication and innovative approach. In addition, van Egmond is affiliated to the company AquaBattery. This company won a prize as well: the Herman Wijffels innovation award 2016.