BENTHIS Newsletter March 2014

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11 maart 2014

The first edition of the e-newsletter about the BENTHIS project of March 2014 can be downloaded here.


The e-newsletter is free and available to all those interested in our research and activities. You can also pass this Newsletter on to others who may be interested. You can subscribe to this newsletter and automatically receive the next issue.

About the Project:

The EU has funded the BENTHIS project to provide knowledge to support an integrated approach to the management of human activities in the marine environment, in particular fishing.

BENTHIS studies the vulnerability of different benthic ecosystems in European waters and analyses the physical impact of the current fishing practices on benthic organisms and geo-chemical processes. In collaboration with the fishing industry, technological innovations and alternative management scenario’s will be studied to mitigate the impacts.

Topics in the newsletter:

  • Role of benthic invertebrates in the ecosystem functioning revealed
  • Regional fishery impacts in Europe
  • Does bottom trawling enhance fish production by manipulating the seafloor ecosystem?
  • Baltic Sea: technological innovations in mussel dredging
  • BENTHIS North Sea case study - First campaign completed
  • Penetration depth of beam trawling revisited
  • Black Sea case study
  • Bay of Biscay field study
  • Regiol Stakeholder meetings: what do they think of innovative fishing technologies?
  • EU-wide Stakehoer Meeting
  • Seabird happy meals
  • Testing alternative gears: otter boards in a large wind tunnel