Balancing rights and interests

Published on
February 20, 2007

SURF and  JISC have developed a model agreement that enables a scientific author to make arrangements with a publisher for publication of an article. This ‘Licence-to-publish’ is meant to establish a balance of rights and interests in scientific communication.

Due to the growth of digital channels the scientific publication process has been undergoing major changes over the last few years. SURF and JISC are organisations that stimulate the innovative use of ICT in higher education and research. The last ten years they have dedicated themselves to the careful arrangement of authors rights, with the object to guarantee the best interests of all the parties concerned. Starting point is that the results of publicly funded research is made publicly available as quickly as possible.

What does the author arrange with the Licence-to-publish? When will the author use this model agreement?
The agreement will be particularly useful when articles are published in the traditional way with publications being made available only to subscribers. The agreement, available in two languages (Dutch, English), can also be used for publications involving more than one author.

Use of of the Licence-to-publish is also supported by the greatest funder of scientific medical research in Britain, The Wellcome Trust.

Further information on the Licence-to-publish.

(Newsletter 1-2007)