Bauke Albada's review featured on cover of Chemical Reviews!

Published on
October 18, 2016

Bauke’s review on the synthesis and medicinal applications of organometallic-peptide bioconjugates has been featured on the cover of Chemical Reviews!

It has taken several decades before scientists were able to bring together two extremes of the molecular landscape: organometallic complexes that often auto-ignite when exposed to water and air, and bioactive peptides that exert their activity in water. The review that Bauke wrote compiles all the strategies that have been used to merge these two worlds, including their applications in medicinal chemistry. What becomes clear from this review is that the field has matured rapidly, but that remarkable breakthroughs are scarce. Examples where a moderately active peptide became significantly more potent upon conjugation to an inactive or poorly active organometallic moiety are few and far between. Nevertheless, organometallic-peptide bioconjugates have proven their value when it comes to the elucidation of the mode-of-action of biopeptides, and to target novel biological pathways. As such, it is to be expected that the field will be able to live up to its promise in the (near) future.

Further info: Bauke Albada, room 8057 (keep on going up, and then turn right), or

Full paper downloads: W:\PROJECTS\ORC-drive\Bauke\ChemRev-2016-11797.pdf