Behind the sciences: Cataloguing

Published on
June 20, 2006

The Cataloguing staff make title records of books and journals (both in printed form and electronic), and of websites. These title records are added to the database, from which the the Wageningen Catalogis made up. The catalogue is the proper instrument to search for the presence of publications in the Library.

Besides the Wageningen Catalogue title records are made also for the NCC (Dutch Union Catalogue). The latter was set up over 30 years ago by the Royal Academy and a number of university libraries in cooperation with OCLCPica. Nowadays,  besides all the university libraries public libraries and special libraries have joined this cooperation as well. 

Cataloguing Coordinator Dien Giltjes is responsible for the progress of activities: "Newly purchased books are checked by us in the GGC (Union Electronic Catalogue). If the title record is found then the Wageningen data are added and after a number of actions the information is automatically included in the Wageningen Catalogue. We call this "ontlenen (extracting)". If the title record is not found, then this is added first and then "extracted". Journal titles are directly indexed in the Wageningen Catalogue and each month the information is transferred to the GGC.

For information on electronic carriers another method applies. Dien explains: “Although usually electronic journals differ as regards contents, they are presently indexed in the Wageningen Catalogue in one record - for the user's benefit - together with the printed version”.

She tells: "The entire procedure in preparation of the removal has yielded a large quantity of material that still had to be indexed."

(Newsletter 4-2006)