Behind the screens of the Library: Acquisition

Published on
August 22, 2006

The Library’s Acquisition department has two main tasks: ordering books and subscription management. “Besides that, we are also responsible for the distribution of Wageningen UR dissertations", explains Aquila Weijers, coordinator Acquisition. Ph.D. students have to supply 25 copies of their dissertation in printed form to the library plus a version of it in PDF-format and an abstract in Word. Acquisition sees to shipment to relations and handles separate requests through

Books are ordered for all the divisions of Wageningen UR, but exclusively for placement in the libraries and definitely not for private use. Aquila refers to the special action by the Library which was mentioned in newsletter 2006-1. To encourage the availability of literature to everyone and to prevent books from disappearing, the Library grants a 50% discount on the purchase price on condition that books are placed in the library.

Since 1983 the Library has worked with its own subscription management system. After registration the journal issue is sent on the same day to the library location and is put on the shelf there. Electronic journal management has increased considerably during the last few years. Acquisition provides access to e-journals for which usually a Wageningen UR license is concluded. At present more than 12.000 journals are available full text through the various databases.

(Newsletter 5-2006)