Behind the screens of the library: DPS

Published on
May 22, 2007

The department Documentation and Publications Services consists of two sections. The section Documentation gathers and manages professional literature in document databases and information databases. There is a central place for the articles database ARTIK. For the  Green Knowledge Network ARTIK+ is supplied; a selection from ARTIK plus title description of publications selected from the internet through specific queries.

 ARTIK is the basis for many databases, managed by several employees. Paulien van Vredendaal, for instance manages the Hydrotheek and Marian van Harmelen fills the Knowledge database Biologial Agriculture and Food. She tells us: "We are quite busy with interaction with our users. Together with our clients we are  regularly in consultation about contents and consumer friendliness. We also think of ways to make the databases better known to potential users". There is, for instance a newsletter for the Hydrotheek and for the other databases they want to offer such messenger service as well. See for instance the renewed Land Soil Water. Within the library databases it will shortly be possible also to offer comments as a user.

Publications Services is the other section of DPS. This aims at management of research information for Wageningen UR: expertise, projects and publications. It also offers services regarding electronic publishing. One of the employees is Fenna Onderstal. She manages Metis, the research information system that is being filled by the secretarial offices of the departments of Wageningen UR. For  We@WUR with  business cards of employees, information is automatically extracted from Metis. Fenna: "I would like to point out again that employees can edit a large part of their information themselves in We@WUR".  Also  Wageningen Yield (WaY), the publication database of Wageningen UR, is being fed by Metis.

(Newsletter 3-2007)