Bibliographic information from Web of Science to Staff Publications

Published on
July 24, 2014

In July, Wageningen UR Library transferred 370 Wageningen publications from the Web of Science to Metis. These publications were published by Wageningen UR researchers in 2013. This information will also soon be available via Staff Publications.

We make these transfers every summer to update the Wageningen UR repository.
Why don't we transfer all Web of Science (WoS) data into Staff Publications as a standard service?

  1. Online first articles are not included in WoS because they have not yet been given a Vol/Issue number. The time between online first and inclusion in WoS may be a year. Because of this time lapse, this publication would not appear in the author's publication list during that period.
  2. The imported data from WoS lack the organisational unit information. To complete the data with organisational unit information is a time-consuming manual process.
  3. Only part of the Wageningen UR output is published in WoS.

Our intention is to lighten the workload of the researchers and their management support units. We are currently working to replace Metis with a more modern registration system. This new system will allow us to derive more than 25% (n=4000) of the metadata of Wageningen UR output from external databases. This will reduce the work of the management units. We expect the new system to be running by mid-2015. We'll keep you informed of our progress!