Big Data Workshop

Published on
February 23, 2016

On 18 February the Information Technology chair group organized a workshop on Big Data.

The collaborating chair groups (BEC and ORL) of the section Management Decision Support (MDS) gave a presentation as well.

The program looked as follows:

09:30h – 10:00h Information Technology (INF) B. Tekinerdogan on Big Data Concepts and Architecture

10:00h – 10:30h Information Technology (INF)
Dr. I. Athanasiadis on Big-Data-driven decision-making: principles and applications in life sciences

10.30h - 11.00h Operations Research and Logistics (ORL)
Application of Big Data:
Dr. R. Haijema (Retail data)
Dr. B. Behdani (Flora Holland day trade) A. Kanellopoulos (Biobased)

11:00h – 11:30h Presentation chair group Business Economics (BEC)
Dr. C. Kamphuis on Mining sensor data to discover clinical mastitis in automatic milking systems

11:30h – 12:00h
What next? Opportunities for collaboration.

On 8 March the Information Technology chair group organizes a full day course on Big Data in collaboration with SurfSara.

You can only join by registering beforeha

nd by sending an email to

The Big Data course is free of charge.