Bird flu HP H5N5 in tufted duck

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16 december 2016

In a tufted duck, found dead in Werkendam in the Netherlands, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) showed the presence of the highly pathogenic bird virus (highly contagious) H5N5. Four dead ducks werd sent in from Werkendam to check for bird flu. In one duck the H5N5 virus found, one duck proved to be infected both with H5N5 and H5N8; two ducks proved to be infected with H5N8.

It is not sure whether this virus has (or will) further spread in Netherlands. So far the H5N5 virus is not found in any other wild birds in the Netherlands.

The sequence of the H5 gene in the H5N5 virus is similar to the one in the H5N8 virus that is currently infecting wild bird and poultry in the Netherlands. This indicates that the H5N8 HP might have exchanged the N segment with a low-pathogen avian flu virus, resulting in this H5N5 virus.

Additional research by WBVR will be done to assess the sequence of the entire virus genome. The date should show us how and where the exchange of the N segment (reassortment) took place.