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Book Sanda Lenzholzer now available in English

Published on
March 31, 2015

The book 'Het Weer in de Stad' by Sanda Lenzholzer is now also available in English 'Weather in the City. How Design Shapes the Urban Climate.'.

It can be ordered at NAi-booksellers: English version - Dutch version

About the book from the Nai website:

"A beautifully laid-out square where you are nearly blown off your feet. A modern city apartment in which it is too hot to sleep in the summer. Everyone knows examples of urban architecture whose design fails to take the urban climate properly into account. The publication 'Weather in the City. How Design Determines the Urban Climate' explains and illustrates in a comprehensible way how smart urban design can enhance comfort in the city.

The way we experience the urban climate depends on physical and psychological factors dictated by our surroundings. This book uses these factors to explain how the basic processes of the urban climate work and how they can be influenced by spatial planning and urban design. Richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams and practical examples Weather in the City is both a reference work and a source of inspiration for all those working to enhance the quality of city life: commisioners, policymakers, professionals and students in urban design, landscape architecture and planning."