Book ‘Plant Physiology in Greenhouses’


New book ‘Plant Physiology in Greenhouses’

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5 maart 2015

Scientist Ep Heuvelink and journalist Tijs Kierkels are the authors of the book ‘Plant Physiology in Greenhouses’ published in February 2015by the editors of In Greenhouses magazine. The book offers easily accessible articles about fundamental research on plants, translated into possibilities for the day-to-day business in commercial greenhouses.

Cultivation and cultivation techniques have changed a lot over the course of the past years. Now growers use one or sometimes more computers to control the climate as well as the watering and fertilisation of the crop. In advanced greenhouse horticulture the use of sensors, electronics and computers still increases. In recent years, the number of possible measurements has grown significantly. Measuring plant temperature instead of air temperature is one of the big leaps forward.

Talking plants

Growers and technicians today talk about fogging, cooling, heating, horizontal and vertical air movement, slab temperature and even root temperature. Researchers already think in terms of 'talking plants' when measuring plant vitality.

Understanding plant physiology

Due to technical possibilities the need for a good understanding of plant physiology has clearly risen. For this reason the editors of In Greenhouses magazine brought together the knowledge of Ep Heuvelink, university senior lecturer of Wageningen UR and the skills of journalist and Tijs Kierkels in a series of plant physiology articles that started in 2004. The result: a great book having easy-to-read, yet in-depth articles.