Book published by Cees Buisman

Published on
June 20, 2018

In January 2018, ETE professor Cees Buisman published his book ‘De mens is geen plaag’ (Man is not a plague). In the book, Buisman analyses some of the most serious problems of the world, like CO2 emissions, overpopulation and shortage of resources. He argues that the lack of fresh water is one of the biggest issues. Science and technology simply can’t solve this problem.

Despite potential fresh water shortage, he claims overpopulation is not the problem: according to Buisman the earth may provide for 10 billion people. But only if there will be a mentality change: the western world must be willing to share resources and work wíth nature and not against it. He argues that humanity needs to reach a higher level of ‘consciousness’ instead of immorality and luxury which are our present objectives. This eventually would lead to a better society and a higher sustainable welfare for everybody.

From September 15th 2018 the English translation is available.