Brochure 'Capitalizing on Knowledge in International Public-Private Partnerships'

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26 oktober 2015

Seed money is a meaningful knowledge instrument for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as for the Top Sector Agri&Food to foster international public-private partnerships (PPPs) and the valorization of agricultural knowledge.

During a lively meeting the findings of two studies, including 10 cases in Africa, Asia and South America, were presented by researchers from Wageningen UR. The recently published brochure 'Capitalizing on Knowledge in International Public-Private Partnerships' reflects the interesting results and highlights the lessons learnt.

In her preface, Patricia Wagenmakers from the Ministry of Economic Affairs states the following: “The general conclusion confirms the importance of seed money in the process of setting up PPP projects, as they come with many risks and uncertainties. Seed funding can provide the time and space required to set up a solid basis for the partnership. The keys to success in a partnership are the balancing of short-term and long-term priorities and the expected added value for each partner, besides the role of personal relations. To significantly capitalize on knowledge, one should anticipate opportunities for spin-offs even in the early stages.“