Browse your favourite journals with BrowZine

Published on
April 25, 2016

Wageningen UR Library offers BrowZine to easily discover, read and monitor scholarly journals on any iOS or Android device as well as on the web.

Wageningen UR Library provides access to over 16,000 electronic journals. Almost all these journals are available through BrowZine.

BrowZine lets you save articles to Dropbox and allows you to include them in Mendeley. In BrowZine you can create a personal bookshelf and a reading list. After a recent update your personal settings will be synchronized between your mobile devices and the BrowZine website.

The BrowZine interface simulates a paper journal complete with a table of contents and articles. You can select journals both by title and by subject. Set your favourite journals to appear on the bookshelves in your personal library. You will be notified of new articles as they appear on your bookshelves. Because Wageningen UR Library has licensed the journal titles you can directly access the full-text of articles from your bookshelf.

Give it a try on or download the Browzine app from Google Play or from the iOS Appstore.