Building of P1 progressing well


Building of P1 progressing well

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3 november 2017

Building work on the new parking deck on P1 is progressing well. The land was made ready for building in mid-August, and the contours are now clearly visible. If all goes according to plan, the new parking deck will be ready for use this February. P1 will then have room for 650 cars and 3 charging points.

Last week, a start was made on the steel skeleton and the floor construction. This is the reason for the huge cranes, which will remain in place for the time being. The building is being built from the back (where the slope will be constructed) towards the front, whereby both the construction of the skeleton and the floor will be carried out simultaneously. The floor is made up of huge floor components measuring 30x45 metres.
The façade is the final element, and will be fitted in late November/early December.

A so-called ‘hekmoment’ (moment at the fence) has been planned at lunchtime on Tuesday 28 November.

This festive event marks the near-finish of the building project. It’s an opportunity to ask the builders any questions you may have.

The diversity of flowers and plants on the façade and in the immediate vicinity of P1 and Radix are among the things that will make P1 so special.

The first plants will be attached to the façade in December and subsequent planting plans will be divulged later.

The temporary parking situation is shown on a special digital street map of the campus.

Parking garage P1