Building the Wageningen Bibliography

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20 oktober 2014

Nearly 20,000 items from the Library Catalogue have been added to Staff Publications. Of these publications, almost 6,000 have been digitized by the Library and are available in Open Access.

In 2013, the Library started a programme to identify and to digitize all Wageningen output from the past 100 years.  This output is called the Wageningen Bibliography and it is being added to Staff Publications.

Staff Publications covers the output of Wageningen University since 1975 and the output of the DLO institutes since 1995. To supplement the collection, we started to identify publications of the former DLO institutes and its predecessors. This month nearly 20,000 DLO publications from the Library Catalogue were added to Staff Publications. The graph illustrates that our effort was especially worthwhile for the period 1960-1995.

Growth Staff Publications

Nearly 6,000 of these publications have been digitized and are available as Open Access publications. Several of these publications come from the DLO institutes LEI, ICW, RIKILT, SC, IB and LBO.

We will continue to identify and to digitize publications from the predecessors of the DLO institutes in the Library Catalogue. Next year, we will start to do the same for Wageningen University.