CAB ebooks: the archive is also now available

Published on
July 6, 2008

Earlier we informed you in the Wageningen UR Digital Library News about the availability of CAB ebooks. CABI is a very important publisher for Wageningen UR. Moreover, the books are good quality and deal with current, relevant 'Wageningen' subjects. The big advantage of ebooks is that they are accessible everywhere and one copy of a title is enough. In addition to the latest books, the archive has been recently purchased, which covers from 2000 to present day. The library can also acquire the paper editions of these books at a considerable discount.

These electronic books, which, for a large part, are also available as paper editions, will be made available through the catalogue as quickly as possible. You can also access them directly on the CAB ebooks site. Some recently published titles include: Pest management and phytosanitary trade barriers, Mathematical modelling in animal nutrition, Plant genotyping II: SNP technology, Mycotoxins: detection methods, management, public health and agricultural trade.

    (newsletter 4-2008)