CANs second strategic plan under development

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11 juni 2014

The Centre for Animal Nutrition has successfully implemented its strategic plan for the period of 2010-2014. During this period, the vast majority of the targets as defined in the plan have been achieved including increased output, improved collaboration between members, closer collaboration with national and international key partners and involvement of industry. Currently, the strategic plan for the period of 2015-2018 is under development.

Global perspectives on animal nutrition are rapidly changing. Increased volatility in feed prices coupled with an increased demand and drive towards a more sustainable production are some of the challenges which have to be addressed in the next strategic plan. In addition, national policy for the funding of scientific research are in a state of flux and EU Horizon 2020 research programmes have been released and calls are open. The increased globalisation of knowledge and increased focus by Asian countries on food security calls for a revision in the strategic focus of CAN without disbanding those aspects which make CAN unique. A first draft of the 2015-2018 strategic plan has been developed and is currently being discussed among CAN members. Aspects included are the mission statement of CAN, its market and research focus, educational goals and management targets. Above all, collaboration between its member groups and with industrial partners are among the major focus areas. After full consultation among its members, the strategic plan will be evaluated by a select number of experts working in industry and research institutes.