CSSA award 2014 for PhD Thomas Odong

Published on
November 6, 2014

Thomas Odong, PhD within the group Biometris, has won the 2014 award for ‘Outstanding Papers in Plant Genetic Resources’ of the Crops Science Society of America (CSSA) for one of his papers.

Where different worlds meet, often beautiful things arise. An excellent example is the cooperation between Biometris and  the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN). A cooperation that resulted, amongst others, in the WUR-thesis that was defended by Thomas Odong in 2013 with the title ‘Quantitative Methods for Sampling of Germplasm Collections’. The chapters in this thesis were published in respected journals and are promising to have a large impact. One of the papers was for several months the most downloaded paper in ‘Theoretical and Applied Genetics’. And, even more prominently, early this month the Crops Science Society of America (CSSA) has selected the paper ‘Improving Hierarchical Clustering of Genotypic Data via Principal Component Analysis’ for the 2014 award for ‘Outstanding Papers in Plant Genetic Resources’. The paper, another chapter from the thesis, was authored by Thomas Odong,  Joost van Heerwaarden, Theo van Hintum, Fred van Eeuwijk and Hans Jansen and addresses statistical issues related to the analysis of genetic diversity in germplasm collections.

The award-winning paper is one in what has become a long series of papers based on joint work of researchers of CGN and Biometris. CGN, trying to optimise the management of its germplasm collections, generates highly relevant research questions, and Biometris, with its world-leading knowledge in the field of statistical genetics, helps to answer them. The result of these two worlds meeting is influential science and efficiently managed germplasm. The best of two worlds!