CVI to present four papers on Annual Meeting of the American Society for Virology

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28 april 2014

At the meeting important for virologist worldwide, the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Virology (ASV), CVI will proudly present four papers. The 33rd Annual meeting of ASV will be held from June 21–25 at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

The American Society for Virology was founded in 1981 to provide a forum for investigators of human, animal, insect, plant, fungal, and bacterial viruses, whether the research involves clinical, ecological, biological, or biochemical approaches. The stated aim of the Society is to promote the exchange of information and stimulate discussion and collaboration among scientists active in all aspects of virology. These goals are achieved by means of meetings organized or sponsored by the Society, obtaining for the members reduced subscription rates for virological journals, soliciting travel grants to attend national and international meetings and representation on national and international councils.

CVI is proud to be represented by Paul Wichgers Schreur, Nadia Oreshkova and Femke Feenstra who will present the following 4 (!) papers:

  • Paul Wichgers Schreur
    Creation of Rift Valley Fever Viruses with Four-Segmented Genomes Reveals Flexibility in Bunyavirus Genome Packaging.
  • Nadia Oreshkova
    Nonspreading Rift Valley Fever Virus Vector Protects Mice from Lethal Influenza by a Single Intranasal Vaccination.
  • Femke Feenstra
    RNA Elements in the Bluetongue Virus Genome are Essential for Virus Replication.
  • Femke Feenstra
    Bluetongue virus lacking NS3/NS3a expression is not virulent and protects against virulent BTV challenge.