Call for 4TU.NIRICT Community Funding

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9 november 2018

The goal of this funding scheme is to strengthen and support collaboration among researchers of the 4TU.NIRICT community, increasing the impact of ICT research in The Netherlands. This call therefore explicitly aims to support all activities that help in strengthening the 4TU.NIRICT community (e.g., joint workshops, joint labs, international guest lecturers, promotional events for prospective students working in our field).

The funding can be used for actual and specific costs/invoices for a certain activity or service. Briefly describe the activity or other purpose of the funding. Direct personnel costs will not be funded, but otherwise there are no restrictions on what the funding is used for as long as it supports the goal of the funding scheme. Examples of what can be applied for are support for bringing together communities of researchers around a common research theme, research collaboration, dissemination of joint research, creation of joint proof-of-concepts/demonstrators, visitors, executing joint experiments, hackathons to interest master students to become PhD students in our field, etc.