Can you beat the fly?

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10 juni 2016

That is the question of a team of Master students of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. They are taking a consultancy training, for which they have to deliver an advisory report to their commissioner. The students have started a crowdsource project to collect new, promising ideas in the field of fly prevention. The crowdsource project is part of the four-year research project ‘Campylobacter de baas.’

The focus of the research of the students is on prevention of flies in broiler houses. These flies are attracted to the broiler houses mainly by the scent of manure and food. Because of their eating habits, flies can transmit pathogens to humans and animals and they therefore play an important role in the transmission of the Campylobacter bacteria. Campylobacter multiplies in the intestines of broilers, which may lead to contamination of chicken meat during slaughter. The bacteria can cause a foodborne infection among consumers by (unsanitary) preparation or consumption of contaminated poultry meat.

By applying the concept of crowdsourcing, the team hopes to receive ideas for fly prevention from a large number of people from different fields. Everyone is welcome to submit ideas on fly prevention. The three most promising entries will receive a financial compensation from the commissioner. Would you like to join?