Challenging the pig chain

Published on
November 10, 2017

Finally! After 225 days of relentless negotiations we finally have a new government. Although it took a while, the Dutch agricultural sector is happy to have an independent ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality again. Besides several societal themes the new policy will keep on supporting research and innovation with a renewed focus on economic opportunities within themes like sustainability, agriculture and food. The new government also offers possibilities for sector and producer’s organizations to get involved in research and innovation. But who will take the initiative?

In the past private business has been quite active in the financially supported public private partnerships. However, these were not open for primary producers, pig farmers. Now they are. So, if we want to substantiate the claim of being the top producers in the world, we have to move forward. I call upon the whole Dutch pig chain to take up the challenge. We at the Swine Innovation Centre are ready to support any initiative!

Theo Duteweerd, manager Swine Innovation Centre