Changes in the Orientation Programme

Published on
July 18, 2017

Until now, students who were participating in the Orientation Programme used to follow the courses ‘Didactic Skills’ and ‘Teaching as a Profession’. From September 2017 both course names will change, though the content of the courses remains the same.

ECS-52306 Didactic Skills will change into:
ECS-52306 Teaching and Training Skills

ECS-52206 Teaching as a Profession will change into:
ECS-52206 Orientation on the Teaching Profession

Reason to change the course name of Didactc Skills is to attract a more diverse group of students. This course not only focuses on the development of teaching skills but also on the development of training skills essential in all kind of organisations, both profit and non-profit organisations. From the academic year 2017-2018 this course will also have an English variant (provided there is sufficient interest), in period 5.

Interested students can register for the two courses under the current (old) course names. From September on the courses will get their new name.

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For more information on The Orientation Programme itself, click here.