Changes in traffic situation Wageningen Campus

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26 februari 2019

As announced in November 2018, we will be making a number of changes in traffic situations on campus to make it safer. This is done in phases during the coming year. In January several signs were removed and new ones were placed, but we had to wait for better weather to also adjust markings. That will happen in the next two weeks.

On Thursday afternoon, February 28, the Hoge Steeg will be closed until Friday 1 March. Cyclists who drive over the middle path via Wageningen Campus from Orion to Atlas, will in the future take priority over the traffic that crosses the Hoge Steeg. That road runs east of Atlas and connects the Droevendaalsesteeg with Bronland. The crossing connects the middle path with the road to the roundabout. At the crossing the signs are adjusted, the shark teeth on the path are removed and a marking is placed on the Hoge Steeg.

It concerns this intersection (circled) on the campus on the south side of Atlas, the red block on the map below.

Wijziging verkeersituatie op Wageningen Campus

At other locations on campus the marking will also be adjusted, possibly leading to temporary inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.