Chemist kicks off the hundredth anniversary of WUR


Chemist Lee Cronin kicks off the hundredth anniversary of WUR

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5 december 2017

Lee Cronin, a professor at the University of Glasgow, will kick-off the hundredth anniversary of Wageningen University & Research. The leading chemist will be the keynote speaker on 9 March 2018 during the Dies Natalis of WUR.

Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol is proud to welcome Cronin during the hundredth Dies Natalis. “He is a prominent researcher who can inspire us with his unique perspective. Cronin is attempting to unravel the mysteries of life through chemistry: How does life come about from “dead matter” and what is required for that to happen? It might not seem like a relevant topic for Wageningen, but it actually is. I am looking forward to his speech.”


The upcoming Dies Natalis is just the start of a series of activities celebrating this anniversary year. For eight months, 100 years WUR has been busy coordinating and organising many activities for students, staff members, and alumni.

Cronin’s appearance fits right in with the theme for 100 years WUR: Life. During the months of March and April, 100 years WUR will be using this theme to place the spotlight on the complexity of life. The themes “Food” and “Earth” will follow later.

Watch Cronin’s TED talk Making Matter Come Alive here.